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What You Need to Know About Insuring Your New Home

Our houses are our homes. They’re where we come to recuperate after a long day’s work; where we raise our families; and where we feel secure. So it makes sense that we would continue to invest in our homes and ensure that they are protected in case something happened. So why is it that so many people don’t do this when it comes to home-owners insurance?

We like to think it’s because people are so optimistic. They just can’t see anything terrible happening to them and their home. However, when it comes to protecting this valuable asset, this can be a costly mistake. Here are some tips for making sure you’ve covered all the bases when it comes to insuring your home!

#1– Don’t Just Research Plans

Do your research and do it early! Not only should you be comparing different insurance companies and plans, you should also be researching your new neighborhood.

Has the area ever flooded? Are the trees within reach of your home that are prone to disease or show signs of dead limbs? Are you in an area that is more susceptible to wildfires, mudslides, or busted pipes? These are all factors that you should be carefully considering when deciding on your coverage.

Also, don’t be afraid to ask your friends and family about their experiences. People who have had difficulties with insurance companies or coverage in the past are usually more than willing to share their horror-stories and help you learn from their mistakes.

#2– Be Realistic About the Cost

Just doing the minimum required often doesn’t bode well for people. Insuring your home is one area of life where this is especially true.

You might not need to get a plan that covers every far-fetched worst-case scenario you can think of, but if your research turned up any past issues you are likely better off playing it safe and getting the extra coverage. If you are looking for ways to save, consider whether less coverage on the possessions in your home would be appropriate instead of skimping on covering the home itself.

#3– Don’t Let the Move Distract You

When buying your home, don’t get caught up in the excitement of the move and all the possibilities for your new home without also taking the time to make sure that your house is properly insured. Picking out your homeowners insurance should be one of the top priorities on your home buying list.

If you are just starting to look for a home, now is the best time to start considering different coverage options. Whatever plan your research leads you to chose, make sure that you factor in that cost when calculating your budget for house hunting. Being educated and prepared up front will save you a lot of stress and hassle down the road!

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