What is Your Home Doing for You that You’re Thankful for Today?

We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, surrounded by family and friends. For most of us, this time of year is associated with a tradition of identifying and expressing gratitude to the people we love and the things that serve us.

Most of us are thankful for a roof over our heads, but your house probably serves you in more ways than you realize. Any house you would want to live in needs to reliably and effectively complete hundreds of “jobs” for you, many of them on a daily basis.

Here are a few of the things most of us depend on our home to do:

Give us a place to hang our hat, our coat, our keys, and our hearts.

Have room for cozy sofas where we can curl up to watch a movie or stretch out to take a nap.

Provide the power to plug in all our devices, and unplug from the world outside.

Keep the lights on when we have to stay up all night, and the sunlight out when we decide to sleep all day.

Offer a home away from home to the ones we love, and a place to come home to when we’re tired of our travels.

Give us the tools to cook up dinner, and our next big idea.

Keep the weather out and the kids and pets in.

Give us something to write home about so our parents won’t worry, and something to post to Facebook about so our friends will want to visit.

What job does your home do that you’re thankful for?

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