Vinson Mortgage is Proud to Support Community Living Inc.

Any group of people is made up of a wide diversity of individuals, but a true community seeks to build up the value and abilities of each and every one of those individuals. That’s why we’re honored this month to support Community Living Inc.

Community Living, Inc. envisions a community where all people live fulfilling lives. They are committed to excellence and compassion in providing innovative services and opportunities for people with disabilities.  Their aim is to enrich the lives of people with disabilities so they can achieve their highest potential. They provide services and programs for children and adults with disabilities that allow them to live, learn, and work in our community. In turn, they make our community inclusive, diverse and a better place to live.

Community Living, Inc. has a broad range of services that support parents of children with special needs (like Alex and David who were adopted from Russia and diagnosed with multiple disorders stemming from their birth mother’s malnutrition and alcohol use.) And their Social Opportunities and Recreation (SOAR) program helps kids like Tyler, who loves sports and has autism, acclimate and feel confident taking on a role like varsity basketball manager. Tyler’s real thrill was not only getting to take the court, but being responsible for a three-point basket at the buzzer!

The mission of their Employment Services is to assist individuals with disabilities in attaining their optimal level of vocational development. And they’re incorporating technology to improve quality of life for people like Chris who can now have speaking parts in the plays he loves and talk to his parents on the phone, and Dale who, in spite of early-onset Alzheimer’s, is not only using technology to ward off memory loss but even to learn new skills. To learn more about how Community Living, Inc. is using technology and how you can help check out this inspiring video.

Community Living, Inc. hosts many fundraising events, like the SOAR Extreme Teen Car Wash coming up June 8th from 9 AM – noon at The Developmental Disabilities Resource Board at 1025 Country Club Road in St. Charles. Also coming up are the Parent Workshop on June 9th and the Big Kahuna where the Community Living Staff will compete against the Board of Directors to see which team has the best bartenders. For more information about these events or how you can get involved to help Community Living, Inc. fulfill their mission you can fill out a contact request or call them at 636-970-2800.

Community Living, Inc. is making our community a better place to live and Vinson Mortgage is proud to be a part of that effort.

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