It’s Not Too Late For Your Dream Summer Vacation

What happened to Summer? You have that feeling too? It’s hard for us to believe that Labor Day, typically considered the end of the Summer season here in the Midwest anyway, is less than a month away. Camp is over, the kids are going back to school, and even though the days aren’t much cooler or shorter yet, we know it’s coming.

If you’re lamenting that you didn’t get money put back for that dream vacation again this year, or maybe you have your sights on a warm beach about the time temps get uncomfortable where you are, we’d like to help.

Most people don’t think about the equity in their homes when they’re budgeting for their dream vacations. Yet, for most folks, it’s less expensive in the long run than putting it on credit cards. Plus, you can (probably, we aren’t your tax accountant so we can’t make promises) write both primary and secondary interest off your taxes. Interest on credit cards isn’t (so far as we’ve been able to make work for us anyway) tax deductible.

The biggest reason (or at least this is what our clients tell us) they don’t think about an equity loan to finance dreams like vacations is that applying for a loan and jumping through all the hoops to get approved and get the money is a HASSLE!

The loan officers at Vinson Mortgage have a lot of tools available to make it a breeze, and, because we offer in-house underwriting and the highest loan officer standards, we can take your loan from application to funds available to you in as little as 8 days! No kidding, it’s called the Vinson Mortgage 8 Day Close for a reason.

If you want to take those vacation dreams off the back burner the first step is easy — you can call your local office (numbers listed below) or fill out a quick and easy contact form and one of our loan officers will give you a call.

We’re looking forward to seeing YOUR vacation pictures!

We’re here if you need to close on your dream home fast (we are, after all, the “home of the 8 Day Close”) and we can help you get the right mortgage for you even when your credit isn’t great. Call your local office, or fill out our easy on-line form, to get one of our licensed loan officers working on the right financing to get you into the home of your dreams!

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