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Three (Relatively) Simple Things You Can Do to Prepare Your Home for Winter

Guest Post by Tom Gillaspie, Kansas City Area Reconstruction Specialist

The time of denial is over — winter really is right around the corner. Depending on your criteria for winter you may feel like it’s already here even though winter doesn’t officially start until next month.

While this season brings many things to look forward to, for most home owners winterizing isn’t on the “hit” list. Here are three things to do now (if you haven’t already) to make the winter a little easier on your house, and your wallet, both short and long term.

#1 Gutters. Clean them, check for possible leaks, install gutter screen, repair them if needed. Heavy rain can certainly be damaging if your gutters aren’t functioning properly, but ice build-up can be much more devastating. The main reason—ice can remain on your roof for extended periods. As in the picture above, icicles and ice dams can be beautiful—but they can also cause major issues. Several solutions exist which we can explore further in future posts. For now—make sure they are clean and draining properly.

#2 Attic insulation and ventilation. Insulation is somewhat obvious—right? Most of the heat loss will occur around the edges of your home. Specifically where the outside walls meet the ceiling. So concentrate on these areas when considering adding insulation. However, it is extremely important that you do not restrict the ventilation to your attic space. This means you should not stuff insulation down into the soffit area. I know, it looks like an obvious solution, but trust me  — don’t do it!

#3 Weather stripping/caulking. Another obvious, but often overlooked step, or one performed too quickly with limited results. Check around windows and doors, especially at the bottom. One easy way to determine if you have gaps is to check at night with a flashlight — one person inside and one person outside shining the light in all the suspect areas. Your neighbors may think you’re crazy (maybe they already do) but you will get a much better idea of the areas that need attention.

No, none of these tips are sexy, or even attractive. But they’re essential if you want to stay safe and warm all winter long!

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About Tom Gillaspie

TomRaised in the construction business, Tom caught the “how-do-you-do-that” bug early on. He’s been a roofer, framer, remodeler, and is a licensed residential contractor. But mostly he loves to help people figure out how to do what they want to do to create spaces they’ll be proud to call home.

You can connect with Tom on his website.

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