Things to Plant Now for Through-the-Roof Curb Appeal Year Round

Whether you’re shopping for your next home sweet home, or you’ve already found it and you’re looking to sell the place you’re living in now, you know how much difference a little curb appeal can make.

That’s easier in the spring and summer when everything gets green and blooms, but what can you do this week that will keep the view from your curb luxuriously attractive even as the sunlight gets sparse and temps begin to drop?

The easy answer for right now is to put in blooming plants that will hang around at least through Halloween. Mums are great for that, but if you’re putting them in the garden now they won’t be around come spring. (Plant them next spring though and they’ll likely come back for you each fall.) Pansies are another easy spot of color you can add this time of year, and peonies and bulbs planted now will grace your garden after the winter is gone.

But there are a lot of plants you can put in now (while ground temperature is still warm and before the first danger of frost) that will provide a good show of greenery, or even berries or blooms, throughout the dreary days of winter.

  • Winter Jasmine can be trained on a trellis or allowed to sprawl as a ground cover. It’s slender stems make for archectural interest and the yellow blooms that come on in the late winter add a surprise of color. It will stand up to shade and poor soil, but blooms best when it gets strong sun and good soil.
  • Sweet Box will also add interest, the leaves are evergreen and in late winter it yields up tiny white blossoms that are quite fragrant. This one actually prefers shade and is perfect for a hedge in the shade of the house or tall fence.
  • Witch Hazel is fragrant in summer then startles in winter with clusters of spidery red-and-yellow flowers. Don’t put it where it doesn’t have room to spread out — it can grow up to 15 feet tall and nearly as wide. According to the Missouri Botanical Garden, different types have different bloom schedules so you can choose plants that will bloom in the fall or in the winter. Or put them side by side and enjoy the show.
  • American Hollies are classic winter performers. The “winterberry” is a deciduous version – losing its leaves in late fall to reveal crimson berries on lanky stems. The “inkberry” is a good evergreen choice for most regions. But remember that all hollies need a male AND female plant growing close together in order for the female plant to produce berries.
  • Heavenly Bamboo also puts out berries, and is an evergreen and hearty addition with a lot of show power. It blooms in late spring, but continues to add interest year round.
  • Cutleaf Sumac is deciduous but its shape makes it attractive all year. It’s easy to grow and tolerant of part shade and poor soil. It will spread, but not aggressively. The foliage shows up as a bright chartreuse in spring, deepens to yellow, then turns orange and red in the fall.

Of course, there are many more possibilities that would look fantastic from the curb or from your porch, but these are some basics that can up the ante on the Joneses immediately.

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Photo: Flickr/Donaleen