The Pros and Cons of the Open Kitchen Floor Plan

The kitchen. It’s the classic setting for family celebrations, confrontations, condolences and more prominent and life changing decisions than almost every other room in the home combined. Just as the shower is great for ideas and the bedroom is great for sleeping (what did you THINK we were going to say?) the kitchen has been the go-to place to connect with our home and loved ones for many generations.

Where else would it be? Food is the energy giving life force that nourishes us and the sharing of food is the time-honored ritual to demonstrate to the people in our life how much they mean to us. But there is a debate raging on about the kitchen; should the kitchen be “open” or “closed”?

Take a tour through most modern homes and you will most likely find an open kitchen floor plan. Countertops flow into bar height dining tables and sight lines are unhindered from the kitchen sink to the living room couch. The benefits are obvious. The openness gives a sense of spaciousness, family and guests can easily amble in and chat with the cook, and the dining room and living room are easily visible so parents prepping a meal can keep their eagle eye on kids doing their homework. The open kitchen creates connectedness and visibility.

But the drawbacks are obvious too. We’ve probably all hosted at least one stressful family get together where we’re stuck slaving away in the kitchen when guests start to arrive and there is no natural barrier to keep them out of your workspace. Neither is there is any way to keep the smells and sounds of your edible experiments from wafting into the adjoining rooms. And if, in your hurry, you happen to leave a mess (and what cook doesn’t) it’s there for all to see as they visit and dine.

Now picture the closed kitchen.

In older homes with a formal or traditional kitchen you may be a little more cramped for workspace but you are tucked away from the party or even the chaos of everyday life. Stovetop’s a mess? Don’t stress now, it will be there when you get back. Happen to drop the turkey on its way into the oven? Did anyone see it happen? If a falling tree doesn’t make a sound when nobody is there to witness it, then the 10-second rule cannot be invoked by your army of party-goers! Depending on the size of your kitchen the closed floor plan might feel more cramped, but you trade space for cooking in peace and quiet.

So it’s up for you to decide. Do you enjoy the feeling of spaciousness and leaving nothing to the imagination (we’re still talking about your kitchen mind you!) Or do you prefer a more private tucked away area where you can cook in peace.

There is no wrong answer, but when you’re purchasing your dream home or remodeling the home you’re in to turn it into your dream home, it’s important to know what’s most important to you.

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