Team Vinson Goes Bald to Benefit Kids With Cancer

Going bald isn’t easy, even when it’s something you’ve chosen to do. But for people going through chemotherapy, going bald is just one of the “not easy” things they have to endure.

Shawn Vinson and the Vinson Mortgage team had a lot of motivation to go bald on March 5th. Whether they had little ones of their own and believed that a short while with no hair was a small thing to do to support kids living with cancer. Or, if like Shawn, they’d lost loved ones to the disease and they were motivated by something that was far greater than vanity.

St. Baldricks Vinson Team 2

Shawn has shaved his head in support of the St. Baldrick’s Foundation before, in honor of his grandmother who had battled cancer three times. This year it was not only in her honor, but in her memory. The hope is that, with the research grands funded through this foundation, there will be fewer and fewer of us who will have to face the effects of cancer for themselves or the ones they love.

Shawn and the Vinson team were among more than 400 volunteers who had their heads shaved (live, in public, and for some of them, in front of a television camera) to raise money for research to end cancer. KMOV covered the event and interviewed several of the Vinson team members.


St. Baldricks Vinson Team 4

If you are one of the many whose life has been touched by cancer, we hope you’ll support St. Baldricks Foundation and other charities working to end cancer.

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