Space-Saving Hacks for Your Home

Whether you have a small or spacious home, ample storage is important. When your house feels free of clutter and everything has its place, your space is more inviting. Nothing is more stressful than coming home from a hard day at work to disorganization and mess. Use some of these great space-saving tips in your home to maximize its potential.

Make Use of High Spaces

When looking for a way to save space think of an area that never gets used. Above the doors in a hallway or inside a bathroom, both make great little nooks where you can rest a shelf. In your living room, floating shelves are a clever way to store extra books and tchotchkes. In your child’s playroom, you can also mount hooks for bigger items like jump ropes and blankets. Don’t forget, the craft room! Wall storage keeps things tidy and organized and makes the room feel bigger.

Add Storage to Existing Closets

Open up your linen closet and take a good look. Chances are because your shelves are taller than their contents, you have wasted space. Add in a tension bar to use hangers for accessories like belts, scarves, and ties, and you’ll double your storage with one small change!

Buy or Make a Storage Ottoman

Yes, an eye-catching ottoman can be useful as a footrest or as extra seating, but you can triple its use by turning it into a storage ottoman to hide blankets, pillows, and other clutter in your living room. You’ll never forget where the remote is again! If you have a little extra time and are feeling handy, follow this tutorial to make your own.

Convert the Toe Kick in Your Kitchen

Just about every kitchen has a 4-5 inch toe kick along the bottom base of the cabinets that’s completely hollow. Why not turn that space into drawers and make an area to keep all your trays, cookie sheets, cutting boards and other kitchen items?

Raise Your Cabinetry

If you are planning on remodeling your kitchen or building a new home, consider taking your kitchen cabinets right to the ceiling. It will add another foot of space along the top of your cabinets where you can store seasonal kitchen items and things you don’t use every day.

Lift Your Bed

Check out the space under your bed. If you have enough room, you can pack your seasonal clothes into long , wide boxes with a shallow base. If your bed frame doesn’t allow you to use the space under your bed, consider adding adjustable bed risers to utilize space for additional boxes, baskets, or drawers that can hold your large winter items and blankets.

Use the Cabinet Above Your Fridge

The most disliked cabinet in any kitchen is the dreaded one above the fridge. It’s practically useless. That is until you put dividers in it and then it becomes the best place to store pans, trays, and cutting boards. This often overlooked area offers a huge space-saving solution for overloaded kitchen drawers.

Suck it Up

Vacuum bags are one of the best inventions of this decade. You can store bulky comforters, winter clothing, and other hard-to-stow items and only take up about a quarter of your closet space. Simply pack the bag, then suck the air out!

Make a Shadow Box

Between the drywall inside your walls is about 4 1/2 inches of unused space. Make a cut-out and insert a shadow box. It’s very handy in places like the bathroom, hallway and in closets. If you’re feeling fancy, you can tile the inside of a bathroom shadow box and ditch your bathroom caddy.

Get Lofty

Loft the bed in your child’s room to open up space and then put a desk underneath. Now, your kiddo has a fun place to sleep and study. Loft the bed in a guest room to add a cozy seating area where your guests can curl up with a book. This is an innovative space-saving way to add more functionality to small areas.

The Harry Potter Space

The area underneath the stairs is a huge waste of space. Insert a handy closet or storage system and you’ll be amazed at what you can stash in there! You can even convert your Harry Potter nook into a small playroom—the better to keep toys out of sight.