Proud to Support TREEHouse: Helping People With Disabilities Through Horsemanship

People with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Downs Syndrome, or other disabilities face a range of challenges. And the staff at the TREEHouse of Greater St. Louis are there to help. Not all the staff walk on two legs through, many of them walk, trot, and gallop on four.

The TREEHouse started in 1975 providing equine-assisted therapy for children with disabilities. They have expanded from helping five riders the first year to now helping more than 300 people annually. Of course the changes they achieve impact no only the lives of their rides, but the lives of everyone who loves them.

Known as “Therapeutic Horsemanship” until 2014, they then officially changed their name to the TREE House of Greater St. Louis. TREE stands for therapy, recreation, education and exploration – the four main branches of the TREE House. They have a goal to expand their program and services in these four areas to fill the current gap of services and recreational activities in the greater St. Louis area for children, adults, and veterans with disabilities.

We’ve thrilled to be able to support their efforts and we applaud the difference that the TREEHouse is making in the St. Louis community through their therapeutic horsemanship program.