Proud to Support Catherine Cares: Helping New Parents Faced With Bad News

catherine cares logoHaving a baby is such a happy time. Except when the doctors come to you with bad news.

That’s what happened when Wayne and Lauren Turley were expecting their second child. After two weeks of ultrasounds, an amniocentesis, and an agonizing wait, they received the news that their baby had an extra chromosome. They named their daughter Catherine Marie. She was born seven weeks early and lived only an hour.

Catherine Cares was founded to offer support to parents who receive this kind of devastating news, whether the baby is living or as yet unborn. Funds raised go to purchase food and fuel gift cards that are given to hospitals to distribute to parents who are traveling long distances or spending time in medical facilities following such a diagnosis. This helps to lighten the financial burden of being away from home to receive the care needed for the mother and the baby.

Our hearts go out to all parents who are faced with such devastating news and we’re thrilled to be able to support the efforts of Catherine Cares.