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Playing Santa’s Helper – Perfect Gifts for the Home Lover in Your Life

The countdown is on, less than a week before Santa is due to arrive. If you’re in charge of Santa’s list this year you may be feeling a little stressed. So we thought we’d play Santa’s Helper and give you some cool gift ideas for anyone who loves spending time at home.

Stocking Stuffers

If the home lover on your list is a gardener you can give them the promise of sunshine with a Sunflower in a Bag Grow Kit, let them play Johnny Appleseed with an Apple Tree to Be Kit, or, if they’re also a cook they’ll love the Garden in a Can Kit which includes two cilantro and two basil ready to “pop and grow” cans.

For the secret astronomer there’s the Galaxy Night Light to put the heavens at their fingertips whenever the world gets dark.

You can also give the gift of better sleep with the Drift Light. This light mimics a sunset, letting the body slowly acclimate to lesser light and making the transition from waking to sleeping smoother. It also offsets the effect of “blue light” emitted by electronics and some energy efficient bulbs which helps the body produce more melatonin and get a more natural, restful sleep.

Whether your home body is a lemonade lover or a connoisseur of fine Scotch, coasters make a unique and easy stocking stuffer. Create them using your own photos, personalize with a floral monogram, or  for a truly unique choice you can get one-of-a-kind agate coasters made from Brazilian geodes.

Fun and Affordable

Garden lovers luck out in this category as well with the Smart Herb Garden Starter Kit, with a combination of basil, thyme, and lemon balm and a system that takes the guesswork out of growing herbs indoors. And if you want to give a gift that will keep them looking forward to spring take a look at the Edyn garden sensor which tracks the nutrition, sunlight exposure, and available water then tells you what you should plant and how to help it grow.

To get through the chilly nights ahead give the gift of warmth in the most pettable form that doesn’t need to be fed, watered or walked. The Faux Fur Throw comes in a variety of patterns, all of them pretty and practical.

You’d have to wait until January for the delivery on this one, because it was so popular that the first build sold out. It’s easy to see why, and we kind of think anticipation might make your gift even better. The Emberlight Socket uses your existing light bulbs and doesn’t require a “hub,” but still controls your home’s lighting through a smartphone. Yeah, Santa’s going to get extra points on this one even if it doesn’t ship until next year.

Worth it Luxury

For more in the “no more brrrrr” category check out nest.com for the Nest Learning Thermostat. Not only will it keep them more comfortable, it will also save them money (true this summer too when brrrrr isn’t a problem.)

For the home that smells like a million bucks you can choose an aromatherapy diffuser that smells of luxury. Car brands, hotels, and banks use Air-Aroma’s blends to create their own “branded atmosphere.” Now you can choose the perfect scent for Santa’s favorite or focus on a blend that creates a healthier environment from one of their “health range” blends.

This one has also been extremely popular, and they’re a little hard to find in stock, but we’re sure if Santa leaves a note explaining that the gift is on its way any true pet lover will be happy to wait. The Petcube Camera offers a 138 degree wide angle view that streams in HD directly to your iOS or Android device. But the real treat is in the built-in laser. This combination lets you watch, talk to, and play with your pet remotely from a smartphone.

For the ultimate in bathing experiences give them the Underscore® 66″ x 36″ drop-in VibrAcoustic® bath from Kohler. They’ll be able to choose from preloaded compositions or their own playlists, even news or podcasts, as this tub acts as an entertainment system for the bathroom. And when they’re ready for a soak the underwater speakers send sound waves through the water to gently massage the body.

There you have it. Not everything will fit in the sleigh, but we’re sure you and Santa can work out an alternate delivery system.

Happy gifting and Happy Holidays!

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