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Making Your Home Safe for Goblins and Ghosts

Halloween is a fun for both kids and adults, because who doesn’t like chocolates and costumes? But if you’re hoping to have lots of kids in costumes show up at your house for chocolate you’ll want to pay attention to these tips for making sure Trick or Treat is more about the treats than the tricks.

Keep the approach to your door clear and well-lit

Spooky is the appropriate atmosphere, but it shouldn’t extend to your walks or steps. Costumes can have masks that make it hard for little ones to navigate out on the open sidewalk let alone up your walk or front steps. And those same costumes can include trailing pants or skirts or oversized shoes which make it easy to trip over nothing at all. So take a minute to make sure there aren’t any loose stones or tipsy bricks on the walk, that the ghastly decorations on your steps still leave plenty of space for little feet to navigate their way up, and that the whole approach is well-lit enough to be safe.

When we say “well-lit” we didn’t mean¬†candlelight

Jack-o-lanterns need their candles, but make sure that any flames are far enough away from steps and walks that there is no chance that a costume will get close to that fire. Costumes are often highly flammable and kids aren’t always careful.

Treats can be tricky

We all wish that parents didn’t have to be so careful about what treats their kids are allowed to eat. But allergies (like nuts or gluten) and preferences (like vegetarian) aside, it’s important to make sure the treats you hand out will pass parental guidelines for safety. Which means homemade treats are off-limits, unless the family knows you and the parents see what you’ve given their kids anything made at home is likely to be thrown away. Which means waste for you and heartbreak for the kid who was drooling over your goodies. Any candies that are wrapped in twists or folds rather than sealed packages are also likely to be refused. So no lollipops since their wrappers are easily removed and replaced. Choose candies with wrappers that are reasonable tamper-proof.

It’s OK to scare your guests – but just a little bit

This is a fun time for adults too and some of us like to pull out our own scary costumes or decorate the yard and porch with witches and cobwebs along with the hay bales and grimacing pumpkins. But if you expect wee ones to make it to your door, even with an adult body guard, you may want to think about how scary is too scary. Deliciously frightened is different from scared to death. And when you open the door think about whether or not you want to be wearing that monster mask. If the figures coming up the walk are really short consider that they might respond better to your human face.

Of course, we don’t think Shawn Vinson’s costume is too scary, do you?

shawn in costume

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