Living Room Furniture Guide

Not everyone is blessed with the savvy sense of style and furniture arrangement skills of an interior decorator. And, honestly, to most people, designing and arranging an entire room can be challenging. Take the living room, for example. It’s one of the most used rooms in any home and also the one you show off to your guests the most.

So, how can you achieve the effortless, yet thoughtful, living room furniture arrangements to make you and your guests feel right at home? How do you recreate all the great layouts you find in the pages of your favorite design magazines? Look no further! Here are some great tips!

Living Room Furniture Guide

Find the Perfect Sofa

Start with the obvious. It’s a living room, so pick out a great sofa set that’s going to stand the test of time. Make sure to consider what you need out of a sofa. Think about durable fabrics and cushion firmness. Do you love a squishy couch you can sink into? Maybe you prefer a little more firm support. Keep in mind a neutral palette will match better with your existing furniture. Pick a solid neutral like grey, tan, black, taupe, brown or cream that will fit easily with your existing decor.

Living Room Tables

In order to make your living room, well…livable, you need a place to set down food and drinks, cozy up with a good book, or even help the kids with their homework. A simple, yet stylish, coffee and end table set is the next key element in arranging your living room furniture. Stick with lighter color tones for softer decor and darker tones for more contemporary or modern rooms. A wooden table set would work great for a casual setting and something with glass and/or metal might be perfect for a more contemporary or masculine space.

Don’t Forget the Walls

Every room, not just a living room, needs a focal point when arranging the furniture. A large piece of artwork makes a compelling visual, but more often it’s the television. If you have a flat screen, wall-mount it and add some simple shelving underneath for added storage. Add a bookshelf to the room. Not only can you show off your books, but you can also display some stylish pieces of decor. Pair each side of the television with some art or wall sconces and you have yourself a focal point that catches the eye each time you enter the room. Not keen on wall-mounting the television? Search for a great entertainment unit, then. Pick something sturdy, but stylish, that will feature your television and offer storage at the same time.

Design Accents

Now that you have the furniture in place, you can start adding accents. Try a trendy throw pillow, a comfy blanket, or a cool coffee table book of interesting photography. For larger space it’s really important to also ground the furniture. No, that doesn’t mean send it to its room. Bring everything together with a great area rug, centered underneath the furniture. (It’s also a clever way to cover up less than stellar flooring or add a pop of color to a neutral room). Happy decorating!