Kitchen Hardware: A Quick Makeover

Kitchen renovations are big, time consuming and expensive. First of all, not everyone has the time, energy, or funds to complete one. Unfortunately, kitchens can become outdated in as little as 10 years. This means that most people live with kitchens that don’t necessarily match the rest of their interior design or style. Luckily, there’s one very easy, quick fix to instantly boost the style of your kitchen. No costly renovation required. Just change out your kitchen hardware.

Kitchen Hardware and Style

Kitchen hardware isn’t a very prominent element of design, but it’s seen everywhere throughout the room. When you swap it out for something new, that little change will have a big impact on the overall style of the room.

The key is to make sure you change out all the kitchen hardware so everything matches, including:

  • Cabinet knobs
  • Cabinet pulls
  • Visible or exterior cabinet hinges
  • Curtain rods and finials
  • Door knobs and hinges
  • Furniture hardware (for buffets or freestanding cabinets)

You don’t have to make an exact match for all of these items either, but the finish and basic overall style should at least coordinate to give your kitchen a cohesive look.

Types of Kitchen Hardware


A few big trends in metal finishes exist within the interior design world right now. One of them uses warm metal tones like copper, bronze and brass to move homes away from the sterile look that steel and chrome can bring. Another trend mixes metal finishes within a space, such as a blend of copper and steel in the same room.

This is a striking way of making over a kitchen that seems cold or impersonal, so it will feel a little warmer and more natural.

Another way to go, if you don’t want to use mixed metal finishes, is to consider some fun, funky, or colored hardware. Knobs and pulls come in all colors and materials, including bold reds or fused glass arrays that can add a lot of variation to the space. Just pull a color from an accessory or from a nearby room to give your kitchen a vivid pop in style.


When it comes to the shape of your hardware, you have a few options as well. One way to go about it is to look at your appliance handles, and consider matching them. Many appliances have what is known as a classic bow-shaped handle, and you can find a variety of different cabinet pulls with that same basic shape, that will play well together. Some are plain, while others are highly decorative. These can be used to pull in other parts of your design.

Another option is to match decorative molding, or woodwork on a piece of furniture nearby. You might use pulls with “feet” that mirror the type of furniture legs you have in another room.


Simply opting for a more updated style can be key. Try to tie in the rest of your design throughout the room to perk up your kitchen. The older your kitchen is, the more fun you can have with your hardware! It helps pull attention away from outdated details and makes the kind of statement you want.

For example, an old kitchen with laminate counters and oak cabinets might have some antique brass hardware. Maybe it fades into the background and doesn’t work well with anything else in the house. By replacing your hardware with some novelty knobs in the shape of flowers, you can give a nod to the era in which your kitchen was designed. New kitchen hardware calls attention away from the areas you’d rather not focus on.

Give Your Kitchen a Mini-Makeover

Replacing the hardware in your kitchen is easy and takes just minutes. Is your new hardware a different size than the old? You can fill old holes and re-drill or use a backplate to cover them. Yep, it’s easy to overlook hardware, but it’s a detail that can really help a room come alive. So, if your kitchen feels a little blah or outdated, consider swapping out your hardware! This small, affordable change will bring your style up a few notches and won’t break your bank.