10 Home Improvements to Lighten Your Mood

Whether you’re trying to sell your house or just revamp your home to change your lifestyle, these 10 tips make for great home improvement ideas.

Small Home Improvements

1) De-clutter Your Space

It’s no secret that clutter and an unorganized house can cause major stress in some people. Experience shows that a clean and organized home environment can improve your mood. In any case, a messy home is also unattractive. So, grab some boxes and bags and start de-cluttering. Begin with one room and go from there. Throw away anything that has no use, you forgot you had, or is broken.

2) Paint Your Walls

Without looking around, name the wall colors in your house. If you can’t recall the paint colors that you see everyday, then maybe it’s time for a spruce. It’s been shown that different colors can affect our moods in unique ways. Play with your home’s personality and freshen its look with a new coat of paint.

3) Upgrade Your Linens

A simple and cost-effective way to improve the look of your home is to change the bedding in each bedroom. New sheets can revitalize a room and make living spaces cozier. For just a few hundred dollars you can purchase complete bedding sets that have an array of beautiful patterns and colors. Even though it’s a small change, it can be refreshing and will also improve the look of your bedrooms.

4) Mix Up Your Furniture

Trying to sell your house but having no luck? Wish you enjoyed your home more but can’t seem to relax? How your furniture is arranged can bring harmony to your living space. Rearrange your furniture and watch the magic happen. Any professional home stager will tell you that sometimes all you have to do is work with what you’ve got. Step back, look at the room, and ask yourself what doesn’t fit. Try rearranging one piece at a time, to better suit your needs. Are there good traffic paths in your rooms? Do you have focal points on the walls to draw the eye? Does each room look inviting? Switch it up and see!

5) Flex Your Green Thumb

Get some indoor plants to brighten up your space. There are many indoor plants that filter the air around you. This can be especially helpful during allergy season. Not only are these plants beautiful to look at, they scrub toxins from the air. If your green thumb isn’t so green, you can get a wide variety of low-maintenance cacti or philodendrons.

Bigger Home Improvements

6) Make Outdoor Spaces Cozy

Once you’ve purchased new furniture for the inside, think about what’s outside. Do you have a nice backyard or an empty patio that isn’t being utilized? Find yourself some trendy and comfortable outdoor furniture, so you can sit and enjoy the summer sun or hot cocoa on an autumn evening while the colorful leaves fall to the ground. Making sure you have a comfortable space to enjoy the outdoors will make you feel more at home.

7) Dress Your Windows

Take a good look at your window treatments. Do you have dingy or dusty blinds? Faded curtains? Outdated prints? Then it’s time to treat yourself and your windows. Take it all down, give the trims a popping coat of paint and then put up nice, thick slatted blinds or open up the room with a few stylish panels. If you’re good with a sewing machine, you could even make your own curtains from a great fabric. Don’t underestimate the power of alternating window treatments.

8) Replace Damaged Flooring

What’s that strange smell in the basement? Why can’t you get rid of those old stains on your carpet? Does it also have faded patches you wish you could cover? One of the home improvements you should consider is to replace your flooring. Yank up that stinky carpet or scratched up laminate flooring and replace with something updated and durable. This is also an investment that will increase the value of your home.

9) Make A Fun Room

If you have an unused space in the basement or a spacious rec room then consider adding a built-in bar or a game room. Big or small, a bar adds value to your home through extra cabinetry and countertops, as it provides a place for adults to enjoy. If a bar isn’t quite right for you, then consider a cool snack bar or even a game room for the whole family to enjoy. Your change might be as simple as purchasing a new storage ottoman or cabinet to hold board games for a family game night.

10) Upgrade Your Kitchen or Bathroom 

If you have a higher budget for home improvements, you can always remodel or enhance an important room in your house. The kitchen and the bathroom are both important areas of the house that we all use daily. Maybe you love to cook and entertain. Or, perhaps a relaxing soak in the tub is your number one way to de-stress. A little improvement goes a long way, especially if you spend a lot of time in the room. You could change the colors of the walls or the cabinetry, or update the drawer pulls and fixtures.  Then, you could design a new backsplash or bathroom tile design. Finally, while a new countertop, or even a complete remodel is on the more expensive side of change, it could add a ton of value to your home. Try not to rule it out, unless you know your budget won’t allow it.