Best Apps for Home Finances

No matter where you are in your home-owning journey, chances are you will need to save money at some point. A lot of people can easily create budgets and financial plans to save up for that next big purchase. Some others need more help! Regardless of your situation, you can use these apps to help you better track your home finances.


Mint connects to all your accounts to give you a precise picture of your home finances. You can view your credit score for free, set up budgets, track your investments, and categorize all your transactions. With Mint, you’ll always know where your money is going. You can set up custom savings alerts to warn you when you’re about to go over budget. You also get proactive alerts for any suspicious activity on any of your accounts.


Wally is a beautiful app that lets you track all your expenses and income in a very simple, intuitive format. You can view where your money goes by category, set savings goals and budgets, and track your spending. You can even snap pictures of receipts for expenses you log within the app. That is especially important for tax time, which is just right around the corner. Get a breakdown of how much you’re spending by day, and stay on top of your finances!

Expense IQ

Expense IQ is a smart financial app with a ton of features. Enter expenses, set budgets, and get alerts when you over-spend. The app provides details reports based on your spending habits so you can get the full picture of your financial life. Automation is a huge feature too; you can program your transactions (like monthly bills) to recur automatically each month. You can also set up bill reminders so you’ll never pay late fees again!


Take all the work out of saving money! The concept of Digit is really simple and totally effective. Once every several days, Digit examines your spending and available income and removes a few dollars if you can afford it. They offer a no-overdraft guarantee to make sure that they never withdraw more than you can afford. When you’re ready to spend the money in your Digit savings account, simply transfer it back to your checking account with no transaction fee. It arrives in your bank on the next business day.


Acorns is a really cool app that essentially invests your spare change. Whenever you make a purchase, Acorns will round up to the nearest dollar, and automatically invest the resulting change. Your investments are applied to a portfolio that is automatically optimized to bring you the biggest reward for the smallest risk. Automate your investments while spending as little as $5. It’s not exactly for home finances, but definitely a tool to help you save more easily.


PocketGuard manages all your spending and learns more about you as you go. It automatically calculates your expenses each month and creates a picture of your overall financial health according to your spending history. Configure customized notifications for upcoming bills, spending limits, and much more. Combine as many accounts as you need to get the complete picture of your home finances.