Timeless Home Colors

Home colors are tough to choose! Color trends for interior design seem to be constantly changing. How many of us saw the viral article about the home that had been kept in all its 1970s glory? While orange shag carpet and hot pink and brown bathrooms may not be the norm now, color trends have a huge impact on how we style our homes.

In fact, most color trends have a staying power of at least 10 years, and in some cases even longer. Still, no one wants to look back in 30 years and say, “Oh this kitchen must have been done before 2020 – just look at those colors!” Designers today tend to focus on a color palette with longevity. Below we have some recommendations for home colors that are a little more timeless than, say, the floral wallpaper of the 1980s.

Neutral Grays

Beige was considered the king of the neutrals for the last 20 years, but a new neutral is taking precedence: gray. The great thing about gray is that you can make it warm or cool in tone depending on the shade. Grays with a blue undertone can feel a bit like stone and matches wonderfully with shades of blue, mauve, purple or teal. Blue-grays can also pair well with tans and beiges, which evokes a seascape or beach.

Warm grays with yellow undertones pair well with richer tones like chocolate browns, greens, and cream. A really cool thing about warm grays is that they change color slightly throughout the day. During sunrise and sunset, the warm gray will appear browner. In artificial light or less intense sunshine, they’ll appear more “true gray.” Charcoal gray is another great option. It makes a punchy statement all on its own and will match pretty much anything. You can even go monochromatic gray, using various complementary shades.


Hues of Blue

Blues are really popular right now. Not all shades of blue are timeless, per say, but they are a great starting point. Very pale blues can be soft and unassuming, bringing out the richness of dark woods in the room. Colors also affect our moods, and blue is the color of soothing, calm, and tranquility. A light blue or a robin’s egg blue is a great color for a home office or bedroom.

If you prefer a bolder blue, it’s a great option for the kitchen. A darker blue or navy looks gorgeous when paired with white cabinets. If you have lighter brown wood cabinets, opt for a softer blue. If you have dark cabinets, you can go for a darker blue-gray. Some even opt for a darker color on the walls with the cabinets a slightly lighter shade of the wall color. The effect is beautiful and just depends on what you like.

White Walls, Bold Furniture

White walls might be considered boring in general, but there is a lot of potential when you have the right furniture. White walls in your living room with a bold, turquoise couch and silver accessories create a cool, tranquil environment. You can also go for the classic black and white scheme, with black furniture. You can even pair rich burgundy pieces with gold or bronze accents to liven up a white room. White walls give you a ton of options for selecting home colors for accents and furniture.

The great thing about white walls is that they make rooms seem more spacious and give you a completely blank canvas to work with. If you’re someone who loves to bring personality to their decor, opting for white walls could be a great way to start. You can go for an eggshell white for a slightly warmer feel. Alternatively, you can opt for a dustier white, with a slight gray tone to it. Pick a white you like and go for punchy colors with the furniture and accents!

Look to Nature

Remember that trends aren’t a hard and fast rule you need to follow when choosing your home colors for decor. Your personal tastes and preferences should come into play, too. One of the best practices designers love is to take cues from nature regarding materials, texture, and color. So take a look around you to get your inspiration and have a little fun finding the colors that will last in your home.