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Happy, Healthy, Wealthy and Wise: 10 Benefits of Giving

There is something fascinating and magical about generosity; the benefits of giving are frequently backed up by scientific research. Individuals who give are happier and healthier, and report many benefits of exercising generosity.

Here are ten of the many benefits of giving:

  • A boost in happiness. Multiple studies have concluded that giving triggers an immediate increase in brain chemicals associated with positive, happy feelings.
  • A more satisfying life. Individuals who give and/or volunteer are not just temporarily happy. They report higher long-term satisfaction with their lives.
  • A longer life. Research shows that individuals who give of their money and time tend to have lower mortality rates.
  • Greater connection. Individuals who give and volunteer feel more connected to others, and they often are. This promotes an environment of cooperation and community, and holds true from childhood through the golden years.
  • Increased gratitude. You don’t have to be on the receiving end of a gift in order for it to increase gratitude. Individuals who give have been found to be more thankful for what they have as well.
  • Lower stress levels. Those who give of themselves report lower stress levels and have lower blood pressure, when all other factors are considered.
  • Better health. As already mentioned, research indicates people who give have lower blood pressure. They also may have a reduced risk of heart disease and lower rates of addiction.
  • The greater good. When you give of your time or your money, the community benefits. People are strengthened and supported, health is improved, and the community at large grows stronger.
  • Other people give in response. Giving seems to be contagious. As one person gives, others join in building community and their own happiness.
  • Positive effects on wealth. The tax benefits of giving are relatively simple to claim, and every little bit counts when it comes to taxes. Generosity seems to benefit the wallet beyond this, as people have a positive attitude about finances and become more mindful of working giving into their budget, financial stress decreases.

We believe strongly in giving back to our community; it is one of the most important things we emphasize at Vinson Mortgage.

Shawn Vinson strongly believes, “The most rewarding part of my job is helping others, both through our loan programs and charitable involvement in our local communities.” We are honored to give back to our community through local charities, including The St. Baldrick’s Foundation. We are looking forward to raising $100,000 to help fight childhood cancer. Learn more and donate here.

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