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Give Yourself the Gift of Security and Convenience

The holidays can be a stressful time for everyone. This shows up in a lot ways, one of which is an increase of crime. Especially this time of year one of the biggest threats to your home and family is burglary. So in the spirit of the season we want you to give yourself the gift of increased security and peace of mind.

What if we told you that the one thing you do every day to keep your home secure and family safe is becoming obsolete? Every time you leave your house you (probably) lock your home. If you’re like most people you’re still using a metal key. Nothing wrong with that, it’s been around for centuries. But there is an explosion of innovation happening in the home security sector that you need to know about. (HINT – this is a fantastic gift for your entire family!)

We’re talking about keyless-entry, one of the newest additions to the arsenal of “smart home” gadgets.

These aren’t the keypads you’re familiar with. Imagine being able to let anyone into your home, instantly even though you’re still at the office. Whether it’s the babysitter, dogwalker or a house guest there are plenty of devices that let you enable or disable anyone’s entry. Even though many systems require you to replace hardware, your old keys will still work.

smart house home automation device with app icons. Man uses his smartphone with smarthome security app to unlock the door of his house.

First appearing on Shark Tank, UniKey pioneered the keyless revolution with Bluetooth entry, the advanced model of KevoPlus by Kwikset added the ability to monitor the status of your locks and approved users from anywhere, and August Smart Lock offers similar benefits plus the option of a Wi-Fi doorbell camera. Schlage Sense is Bluetooth enabled and compatible with Apple HomeKit™ so you can now tell Siri® to unlock your door and she’ll do it. Plus it offers a built in alarm. There are plenty of other options like the Lockitron Bolt, each with their unique set of features and benefits.

Just a few features to look for:

— Lock or unlock your doors from anywhere.

— See the status of all the locks in your home.

— Communicate with anyone who rings the bell and buzz them in remotely (or not.) Imagine FaceTime for your front door.

— Give a “virtual key” to anyone with a smart phone and set it to a one time use or for every day at the same time of day.

— A keypad for kids or anyone without a smart phone (BONUS if it alerts you when that person has used their code so you know they’re in and safe.)

Convenience AND security, we love it!

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