Mother’s Day is Sunday – What To Get The Mom Who Has Pinterest Envy

What are the chances that a Mom in your life has “Pinterest Stress?” Pretty good actually — according to a TODAY Parents survey about 50% of Moms click and drool over pictures on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and the like. No longer limited to the space-time continuum of dinner parties — with modern technology we can be envious and jealous of someone else’s “Pinterest Perfect” home from the convenience of ours.

This Mother’s Day try picking a Pinterest dream off of her interest boards, or find a project you think Mom would like.

Give Mom the Gift of Space

Is there a little nook, or maybe a whole room, she’d like to make her own? Maybe your childhood bedroom still holds boxes of stuffed toys and grade cards? Or the closet where your hockey/baseball/soccer gear used to live is now (mostly) empty? On Pinterest, you’ll find literally thousands of ideas for turning that space into a productive work room or relaxing haven.

You could build a book nook where the closet used to be. Or turn an empty dormer into an office, or a medication room, or a personal gym. Maybe your mom would love to finally have a walk in closet and dressing room. There is no limit to the inspiration you can find.

There’s Probably a Reason Mother’s Day is in the Spring

And it’s not just because she loves tulips and roses. We bet that at least a few of the pins on her board are projects for the out of doors.

What does the Mom in your life like to do outdoors? Does she like to dig in the dirt? Or doze in the sunshine? Maybe she’s a fan of wind-chimes, or bird feeders. Whatever her fancy, there’s a pin for that.

About those wind-chimes, here’s a project that could do double duty in cleaning out the memento drawer. Round up the sea shells and pieces of driftwood from that trip to the beach when you were 5, she’ll smile every time the wind blows.

If she likes to entertain, or just relax on the patio, look for DIY projects like furniture or unique stepping stones.

And if she’s pinned a full board of landscaping ideas, but you’re not the green thumb type, try out a handy app like for finding someone who can bring blooms to her yard and a smile to her face.

If Projects Aren’t Your Thing

Take a peek at your Mom’s Pinterest Board and you’ll most likely find a multitude of easy to find last minute gift ideas that require nothing more crafty than a credit card. The curtains she pinned that would look great in the dining room, or the rug, that she has to have but hasn’t purchased yet, that’s perfect for the kitchen.

Whatever the Mom in your life is pinning, just consider it a surefire way to say “Happy Mother’s Day, You Rock!”

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