Homes in the Future

Trends come and go, but popular and practical aspects of trends from various eras usually recycle to some extent. We’ve seen aspects of the 70’s and 80’s make a comeback in both fashion and home decor, but one thing seems to be true; technology is where it’s at. As we move into the future, it’s clear the future is technology.

Smart Appliances

New tech is on the rise that will soon ease its way into everyday homes. Many companies are focusing their R&D on smart home devices like panels to control the a/c, home security, and even paint color. The latest product releases for connected homes are featured at CES, where the most innovative companies showcase the coming technological advances. From smart fridges that can tell you when food will go bad to robots that fold your laundry, the future of home living is going to be drastically different than what we know today.

3D Entertainment

While 3D TVs have waned in recent years, immersive 3D entertainment is no doubt the way of the future. At first, people were skeptical, but now 3D technology has evolved beyond glasses. In the near future, we will most likely use 3D technology capable of completely immersing viewers on screen. Instead of watching a movie with your friends and family, you will actually experience it. Smell the cool rain in the meadow, hear the cars behind you, look into the eyes of the main character.

Living Room is King

The kitchen has proven to be the heart of any home. It’s where people gather to eat and socialize. But, as we move into the future, where home entertainment is an empire, the living room will quickly become the heart. In the year 2020, we’ll see the standard living room equipped with larger and more comfortable furniture, sofas with more accessories, perhaps even a small kitchenette so you’ll never have to leave to grab drinks and snacks. Imagine sofas with mini fridges built in and storage for dishes!

Future Hardware

With the convenient luxury of on-demand entertainment like Netflix, On Demand Movies, and Smart TVs, it’s looks like cable will be irrelevant in the next 10-20 years. We can say goodbye to clunky cable boxes and hello to a one-stop entertainment source that is our television. Smart TVs eliminate the need for DVD players, game systems, cable boxes, etc., and the need to store all their accessories. You’ll simply require a wall mount for the television and a place to stow the remote. Who knows, maybe in 30 years we’ll be able to control the TV with our minds!