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Four Reasons You Might Want to Plan Your Summer Vacation Right Now

If you’re like most of us you’ve barely gotten used to the idea that Spring has sprung and with the end of the school year, graduations, and so on you haven’t given much thought to Summer. But if this is your year for the “vacation of a lifetime,” the year when you take the kids to Europe, or even the Great Lakes — to visit Harry Potter, or even grandma, then there are four good reasons to get those travel plans mapped out now.

Flight Fares Follow Oil Prices

Back in January we started seeing articles like this one from NPR that suggested that air fares would be dropping through the spring season. And that window is closing. So plan that trip and book those tickets soon!

Give You and Your Family Time to Get it Together

Once you’ve decided on where and when there’s still likely to be a lot of decisions to make around “what.” Planning activities for even two people can involve some juggling and compromises, and if your family involves kids, grandparents, cousins, or friends the list of activities you’ll be trying to fit into your trip just got longer.

Making those decisions early also lets you lock in the things that matter most. If your goal is to visit a particular restaurant or spa or go on an excursion you’ll have time to make those reservations. If your family prefers to stay in a vacation home or resort rather than a typical hotel you’ll want to choose and reserve those accommodations early on.

Reduce the Stress of Last Minute Details

If you’ve ever ended up getting so stressed and tired getting ready for a vacation that you couldn’t really enjoy the vacation you’re not alone. Especially if this is “the year” for the vacation you’ve dreamed of and never taken you don’t want to spoil it by leaving things to the last minute.

Although you could wait until August to plan your dream vacation, having flights, accommodations, and the big activities already confirmed is like the old story of the time management guru who used a jar and a pile of rocks, gravel, and sand to demonstrate the importance of putting the big things in first. If the rocks go in first the gravel and sand will fit in around it, but if you let the gravel and sand get into the jar first it take a lot of work to force the rocks into the jar. So get the biggies locked down and keep your stress to a minimum.

Don’t Stress About the Money Either

We’re not suggesting that “money is no object” or that you should just spend it now and worry about it later. But instead of thinking about how much you can responsibly budget using credit cards you might ask yourself, “Is there money in my house?”

Why? Because how else can you finance your dream vacation and write the interest off of your taxes? Unless you are calling it a “business trip” chances are that an equity loan is actually the most responsible line of credit you can tap into. (Of course, we aren’t your tax accountant, maybe you CAN call it a business trip and maybe you can’t write the interest off of your taxes, we’re just speaking in generalities here.) But even though we took a humorous approach in our ads, the fact is that the equity in your house is a great way to get the money for most of the things you would finance. Including the vacation of a lifetime.

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