Family Fun Day for a Good Cause

It’s always a joy to hand our Charity of Choice a check, but it’s even more fun to really get to know the people we’re helping and be part of what they’re doing to help other people. That’s definitely the case with our August Charity of Choice, The Averi Budde Foundation.

Shawn Vinson recently got to join Staci Budde, the co-founder of the Averi Budde Foundation, and Averi herself on “Show Me St. Louis” to talk about their upcoming fundraiser. (Shawn also mentioned that mortgage rates are starting to rise, we’ll share more about that later but if you have questions about how that might affect you get in touch with one of our licensed loan officers and we’ll be happy to help you.)

Watch the Episode with Shawn, Staci, and Averi.

This will be the NINTH Annual Family Day Fundraiser to benefit kids like Averi who were born with congenital heart disease. It will be held at Blue Spring Ranch on September 12th and includes pony rides, Clydesdale pictures, music, food, and 10 inflatable bounce houses!

All the details are on the poster below or you can call 800-333-8077 for more information.

Averi fundraiser poster