Does Your Home Hold the Key to Your Next Job?

If you have kids you probably have a plan (or are working to create a plan) for their higher education. But what about you?

Many adults are finding that their education and experience will only take them so far. With downsizing, a shifting workplace dynamic, and rapidly changing tech landscape, skills can become obsolete and employers want a level of education that might not have been relevant before.

Or maybe you’re one of the hundreds of thousands of people who got on the education treadmill before you really knew what you wanted to do in life or what you wanted from life. It’s perfectly normal that once we start to navigate our way through our lives, personally and professionally, we discover certain truths about ourselves. We have experiences that give us insights about who we want to be — grownup or not.

Whether it’s because the market has changed, or because you have changed, now might be the perfect time to consider improving yourself, your skills, and your marketability according to your evolving goals.

But how do you finance that next degree or certification without sacrificing your family’s lifestyle, or even well-being?

If you, like many of our clients, have seen a rebound on your home’s appraised value, and you’ve been making your mortgage payments regularly, you may find the money to help you make more money, right there in your home.

Of all the ways you could finance higher education, borrowing against the value of your home is probably the only one with tax benefits (and now is the right time of year to be thinking about that!) And it’s probably the easiest for you to secure.

If you think a home equity loan might be a relatively inexpensive way for you to leverage your home’s value to increase yours we’re here to help. Call your local office, or fill out our easy on-line form, to get one of our licensed loan officers working on the right financing to get you back in school!

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