Debt Consolidation

Vinson Mortgage can help you take control of your financial situation by eliminating your debt quickly with our debt consolidation loans and services. Consolidating your debt combines all of your current outstanding loans and liabilities and their high interest rates into a single monthly payment with a significantly lower interest rate. With rates the lowest they’ve been in decades, you can reduce the interest charges being applied to your debt and potentially decrease your monthly payments.

At Vinson Mortgage, we understand how easily debt piles up and that financial strain is often the reason for family hardships and lifestyle changes. We want to give you and your family the peace-of-mind that you deserve by providing solutions to remove the pressure of indebtedness. Vinson Mortgage can provide you with a Free Debt Analysis that will determine your potential savings. We are able to quickly close this loan in as little as 2 weeks.

What Are The Benefits Of A Debt Consolidation Loan?

Combine these debts into a single monthly payment:
• Credit cards
• Retail store cards
• Combine multiple mortgages
• Installment Loans
• Student loans
• Medical bills
• Personal loans
• Personal lines of credit
• Taxes
• Collection agency debts
• Auto Loans

Advantages of Debt Consolidation:

Debt consolidation loans include these advantages:
• Loan can close in as little as 8 days
• Reduce or eliminate interest charges applied to your debt
• Save money by obtaining a lower interest rate
• Easier to manage your debt monthly
• No longer deal with numerous creditors
• Improve your credit score
• Tax Deductions

Is A Debt Consolidation Loan Right For You?

A debt consolidation loan is a great tool to help you take back control of your finances by:
• Simplifying and streamlining your finances
• Reducing stress and anguish over your revolving monthly outflow of debt payments
• Increase personal monthly savings
• Providing greater financial stability
• A clear and manageable path to financial freedom

A Few Facts To Consider About Credit Card Debt:

· The average American family carries more than $10,000 of monthly credit card debt.

· By paying just a minimum monthly payment, it could take up to 13 years to pay that debt off.

· Many credit card companies charge interest rates ranging anywhere from 14% to well over 25%.


Learn More About Debt Consolidation Loans

For more information about Debt Consolidation loans or to see if you qualify, contact one of our mortgage experts today. Vinson Mortgage provides a free debt analysis and will determine your potential savings.

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    Speed Of In-House Processing

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    Refinance & Purchase History

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    Fight The Good Fight

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    Straightforward Approach

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