8 Minimalist Home Tips

It’s easy to let clutter take over your home and life. When you live amongst it each and every day, mess can quickly become a part of the decor. If you’re about to move into a new home then getting rid of clutter and downsizing your new place can be easy. But for those of you who are stuck with the cluttered home you live in, here are some easy steps to follow to clear a path to a cleaner pad.

Minimalist Home Tips

Start Slow

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your house won’t be de-cluttered in any less time. Accept that fact and tap into your inner patience. Start with one room at a time. Tackle the most affected room like the kitchen. You could also start off small with a bathroom; it doesn’t really matter because you will eventually get to every room.

Clear Out Closets

Treat your closets as a room in itself. Often times, a closet can be just as cluttered, or more, than an entire room. Go through them, get rid of old ratty blankets, toss out empty boxes, shoes or clothing that you haven’t worn in years, etc. As you go through your belongings, you’ll get a better idea of what the closet will hold when you’re done. This can help you plan a new organizational system in your head as you go.


For those of you who have kids, go ahead and collectively sigh right now. Their toys seem to duplicate on a daily basis and space quickly runs out in which to keep them. But, sit back and really analyze your child’s toys. They likely only favor maybe half a dozen of them. The rest just occupy floor space. Wait until they are in school or out for the day and go through their toys. Allow them one basket or box. Once that is full of their favorites, you can store, donate, or sell the rest.


Skim through each room and look for things out of place such as throw pillows, blankets, slippers, etc. that just seem to stick around in case you need them. If you truly use these things frequently, invest in some small storage boxes. These can fit easily underneath a coffee table or in a drawer. Better yet, throw them in a tote bag and hang on the inside door of a closet with an over-the-door hook.


Art and Decoration

Downsize your pictures and wall art. Do you really need a dozen pictures of your family on the wall? Allow one favorite family photo on the wall and put the rest in an album. As far as wall art goes, keep it simple. Nothing too busy. The mind creates what the eye sees, and if the eye sees a busy pattern then the mind automatically thinks it’s clutter.


Once you have de-cluttered most of the rooms, go back and clear major surfaces like tables, dressers, kitchen counters, etc. Find a home for everything or toss it out. You don’t use your blender every day, so why is it out on the counter? When all of the major surfaces in your home are clear of any appliances and accessories, then rooms appear to be bigger and more open.


Make sure the shape of your furniture isn’t causing some of your problems. If you’re going to do all the work to create a minimalist home, then the floral-patterned couch with the overstuffed arms isn’t going to cut it. Toss it, sell it, stick it in storage. Whatever it takes, get rid of it and invest in new minimalist furniture. Think clean lines, plain patterns and muted colors.

Less is More

Apply this rule to everything: your furniture, window treatments, paint, wall art and so on. Keep your colors muted or solid, patterns simple and plain and textures smooth. Your brain shouldn’t have to think and process everything in the room, you should be able to sit and relax, letting your brain skim over the surfaces.

Follow these tips and you’ll have a minimalist home in no time! Make sure to revisit this list so you can stay on top of the clutter in your home as time goes on.