Curb Appeal: 7 Ways to Enhance Your Home

A simple way to enhance the exterior of your home and increase its value is to amp up the curb appeal. With a little work, you can make a dramatic difference in the overall aesthetic of your home. Painting the outside of a home is a simple fix that can be quickly executed. It might take a weekend to do, but the benefit far outweighs the effort and cost. An older home suddenly appears brand new after a fresh paint job.

Increasing Your Home’s Value

It’s easy to underestimate what a big improvement a few small changes can make to your home. The front of your home sets the tone for your life inside it. As a homeowner, you deserve to have an attractive place to call your own. It should be a place you’re proud to walk into every day. So what can you do to improve your curb appeal?

First, assess the landscaping with new eyes. Take a walk around your home and really take notice of what you see. Are there any plants that are struggling to stay alive? A quick trip to your local gardening store and you can replace them with a hardier sort. If gardening isn’t your thing, there are lots of beautiful plants that will thrive with less attention. You could also spruce up some existing plants with colorful planters.

What about your driveway? Is it in good condition? If you find any oil stains, you can actually get rid of them yourself with a few items. Does the exterior paint catch your eye? One simple change that can have a dramatic impact is to paint your front door. A bold color draws the eye and shows off your home’s unique charm.

Curb Appeal Checklist

Ready to take your curb appeal up a notch? We put this handy list together to inspire you. You’re sure to not only improve the external allure of your home, but also to increase its value.

1. Exterior Paint

Freshen up your window trim, your front door, and even your mailbox. Make a focal point, so you always feel great stepping into your home.

2. Driveway repair

Stains are a pretty easy fix but if you see any sinkholes or buckling it could be something more serious. Sinkholes can be caused by leaky pipes underground, or there could be a rainwater drainage issue.

3. Landscaping

Check out the front yard. Are there bushes along the sidewalk? Outdoor planters and urns go a long way to create symmetry around the front door.

4. Replace Old Hardware

Update your outdoor light fixtures. Or, maybe a new front door set would crisp up the front of your house. Even new numbers in a nice font will upgrade the exterior of your home.

5. Freshen Up Outdoor Lighting

Check to see if your outdoor lights are sun-faded or dinged by the elements. Be sure to double check the lights flanking your garage!

6. Mend Fences

Get your fence in ship-shape. Replace any damaged panels. You can also revamp your fence with a coat of paint or stain.

7. Check Your Gutters

Rain gutters and downspouts aren’t only functional – they can also add quality appeal to the property. If you’ve never replaced them before, get some inspiration.

These are just a few tips you can use to get started on your own. You’re increasing your home’s value all the while, and making improvements that will not go unnoticed. As a homeowner, you deserve the signature small touches that make a house into a home. Try out these suggestions and see what a difference you can make to your home!