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5 Family Traditions to Keep the Holiday Cheer Going Year Round

One more week until we start a New Year, go back to work, send the kids back to school, and hunker down for the full brunt of what Old Man Winter has to throw our way. But that doesn’t have to mean the end of what makes the Holiday Season wonderful.

No matter what holidays you celebrate, every family has rituals that make the weeks from Thanksgiving to New Year’s so rich with meaning. And we bet you can find ways to recreate the joy without the stress that often comes during this season.

#1 — Gatherings at Home

Sure you all live together, but how often do you really get together? “Home for the Holidays” doesn’t have to be reserved for the holidays. Create traditions of sharing time at home for a movie night, a game night, taco night, or Twister night. If you look forward to getting together for holidays there’s probably a good reason — and it’s not just the turkey! Include your extended family and friends and even neighbors once in a while and see how much joy and cheer comes into your home along with the guests.

#2 — Create Experiences or Even Adventures

A favorite family tradition during the holidays is to drive downtown or around neighborhoods looking at the gorgeous displays of Christmas lights. Maybe your family all piles in the car and takes that drive together. Or maybe you have a ritual for finding the perfect tree and going for pizza to celebrate your victory. Whatever adventure you take with your family as part of your holiday tradition, you don’t have to plan an elaborate vacation to recreate that fun family experience, you can find other ways to create memories almost in your backyard.

#3 — The Spirit of Giving Doesn’t Need a Holiday

Maybe you save your spare change to drop into the bell-ringer’s bucket, maybe your family sponsors a less fortunate family’s holiday meal, or maybe you even spend some time volunteering together. That feeling of gratitude for what you have to give and the bonding your family experiences when they give together is there for you any time you choose to contribute.

#4 — Speaking of Giving, it’s Always Fun to Receive Too

Who doesn’t love to receive gifts? Family gift exchanges can be sweet or a total riot, but they don’t have to be centered around any one occasion. There are endless ways you can recreate the fun of tearing open the boxes on Christmas morning without breaking the bank. Designate a Twenty Dollar Tuesday where everyone draws another family member’s name and spends $20 on a gift. Or suggest a family “white elephant” exchange for Christmas in July. Whatever rituals you establish now will create memories for the rest of your lives.

#5 — Make Time for Celebrations

This can be a daily practice of sharing one celebration, large or small, at the dinner table. Or it might mean starting with an empty jar at the beginning of the year and dropping in a folded note every time something good happens. Celebrations are, after all, at the heart of the Holiday Spirit. And they happen every day of the year.

We hope your Holidays are Merry and Bright and that the New Year brings you many reasons for celebrations.

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