4 Holiday Perfect Recipes from Iconic St. Louis Restaurants

We know, you’re making that final shopping list about right now. So it’s the perfect time to suggest a few additions, right?

If your holiday menu is already set that’s OK, you can file these away for another day. But if you still need a little inspiration we found ours right here in St. Louis. You may not be able to go out for these treats on Christmas Day, because the restaurant owners and staff will be home cooking for their loved ones too, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some of St. Louis Restaurant favorites!

Southwest Diner’s Buttermilk Cornmeal Pancakes

Every Christmas morning should start with something special to make up for all the calories burned tearing open the gifts. May we suggest a short stack of these fluffy cakes topped with butter, whipped cream, maple syrup, or fruit sauce. Or you know what, it’s Christmas, top that stack with all of it and watch it disappear. We found the recipe on STLTODAY.

Sweetie Pie’s Mac and Cheese

Talk about iconic! We couldn’t really think about comfort food without thinking about mac and cheese and in St. Louis there is no mac and cheese more “special” than the gooey goodness Robbie Montgomery cooks up one huge pan at a time. Guy Fieri paid St. Louis a visit and Robbie showed him how it’s done. So if you’re cooking for a crowd this holiday here’s a recipe that’s sure to please (and mac and cheese makes the perfect kind of leftovers so even though this is fit to feed an Army we’re betting you and your family can polish it off.)

Stone Soup Cottage’s Roasted Game Hens

This farm to fork restaurant is a bit of an insider gathering place since they’re only open a few nights a week and only serve a limited tasting menu depending on what is available for the region and the season. So chances are you wouldn’t be able to get Chef Carl McConnell to do these game hens for you. But if you are looking for something elegant for a small family gathering these will certainly elevate you to hero status. Find the recipe on Sauce.com.

Harvest’s Warmed Brioche Bread Pudding

Finally we couldn’t leave out this universal favorite even though Harvest closed its doors when Chef Nick Miller took over as Executive Chef at Bissinger’s Caramel Room. Even people who say they don’t like bread pudding fall in love with this one, and it’s easy to transport and serve so it’s perfect for that time when you said you’d bring a dessert then realized you really hate making pie. This recipe is a favorite from way back, we found it in the archives of Sauce Magazine from 2008.

They say you should never go to the grocery store hungry, so we’re going to have to have a bite to eat before we shop. How about you?

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