3 Reasons People Are Afraid to Apply for a Mortgage and Why You Don’t Have to Be

We understand why people put off calling us, no matter how much they want that dream house, no matter how much they’d save by refinancing, or how much they need to consolidate their debt – people are afraid of taking that first step.

Usually what we hear is they’ve had a bad experience, they’ve been turned down by banks, or they’ve been through hours and hours of paperwork and weeks and weeks of waiting only to have to jump through more hoops. Who needs that kind of hassle or headache?

Here are the three things we hope you’ll think about if you’re dreading filling out a contact form or picking up a phone to talk to one of our loan officers.

Your Loan Officer is Your Advocate

If you feel intimidated or judged by your loan officer that’s because they’re doing it wrong, not because you are.  Any loan officer’s job is to help you close your loan. At Vinson, our loan officers understand that their first job isn’t to help you close your loan, their first job is to help you choose a loan, to get the best terms possible for your loan, and to make you feel good about the loan and the whole process of getting one.

To do that we need to understand why people dread that first call to a loan officer. One of our clients wrote this in her recommendation of our services:

“We were skeptical at first because of what we went through with a bank but we kept hearing the commercials and decided to call.”

And one of our readers told us why she gets cold feet when she thinks about buying a house:

“It’s hard to trust someone when a deal is that big. “Regular” people don’t deal with those types of purchases on a regular basis, so it can be really intimidating. Besides, it’s so confusing. All the numbers, the three different credit ratings, it’s intimidating for the “average Joe.””

We get that. Our clients are “regular” people. And a lot of people are skeptical, and confused. Our loan officers know that being your advocate means working through imperfect credit (because perfect credit is almost an oxymoron.) It means explaining your options in easy terms (because you’re not the only really smart person who isn’t an expert in home financing.) It means streamlining the process so you don’t waste time (because time is worth as much or more than dollars.) Mostly it means taking care of you. No matter what.

2. Being Refused for One Loan Isn’t the End of the Road

No one likes rejection.  And when you have your heart set on that dream house, or you need to refinance/consolidate, the fear of being told “no” is the adult version of the boogey man and the monster under the bed rolled into one.

We may not have the power to get everyone financing. But we have resources most banks don’t have.

As one of our clients wrote after his financing came through:

“I had been to two other banks and was refused a loan. I was desperate to find someone who would refinance/combine my two mortgages. Although I thought it was going to be a waste of my time; I made the phone call …”

Not all loan application processes are created equal. How your income and debt are represented can make all the difference. Our loan officers are familiar with adjusting the income statements for people who are self-employed and use their business expenses to reduce their taxable income. So we can often get business owners financed when bank financing has failed them. Our loan officers can also help you find options to repair your credit so that your present ability to meet the obligations of a mortgage is reflected in your credit score.

So don’t despair if you’ve already been told “no.” And don’t put off connecting with a loan officer who can help you turn that “no” into a “yes.”

3. Getting Your Loan Doesn’t Have to Mean Weeks in Limbo

Uncertainty is one of the greatest sources of stress we can face. And the period of waiting to close on a house, or get the equity check to finance a dream, or to see your payments reduced after you restructure a loan is a special kind of purgatory.

And that doesn’t take into account the hassle of jumping through hoops to even get to the waiting part.

That’s one of the reasons we offer in-house underwriting and continual advanced training for our loan officers – because it lets us simplify the process and close your loan fast.

We hear comments like this testimonial often:

“I am very grateful for your attention to my loan and appreciate your expediting the process to complete it so quickly.”

We also have a lot of clients who didn’t believe we were serious about being able to close in only 8 days. But they certainly believe us when we make it happen for them.

So if you’ve been putting off contacting us because you’re afraid of being intimidated, confused, turned down, overwhelmed, or stuck in the “wait zone” for weeks on end, there’s no time like the present to kick those fears to the curb and let us help you get the financing you need and deserve.

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